No, EAOPs work beautifully on fondant, without causing the sugar in the fondant to melt or become sticky. If you are using them on dark, pre tinted fondant, it’s best to block out the area with confectioners glaze to avoid the colors in the fondant bleeding through.

Yes! In fact the ability to paint on chocolate was my original inspiration, along with a desire to be able to blend my colors. Whether painting deep colors or light washes, EAOPs apply and adhere beautifully on chocolate and modeling chocolate, with no beading.

EAOPs are smooth and creamy right out of the tubes, but the diluters give you a broader range of application. The Fast Diluter is perfect for making thin, watercolor-like washes of color, and because they dry so quickly, it’s great for laying on base colors. The Slow Diluter enhances flow and blendability, giving you a longer work time to blend your colors as you paint. Whichever diluter you use, your painted areas will dry, but at varying speeds.

Yes. If you want to layer your colors, either start with your Fast Diluter, or give your Slow Diluter a few minutes to set up.

No. Once dry, your surface will be touchable and smudge-proof.

One thing I love about these paints is that they dry matte. This gives us the freedom to choose which areas we wish to make shiny. You can glaze over your dry painted areas with Confectioners Glaze, you can even blend the colors directly with Confectioners Glaze.

As you are painting, it is best to swish your brush in Bakers Spirit or edible thinner between colors, HOWEVER, you can also rinse in water between colors! Just make sure your brush is dry before you go back to your paints. Be aware that when using this method, your brushes will not truly be clean” until you wash them with a little soap and water. EAOPs Will not ruin your brushes if you forget to wash them after use. Everything washes away with a bit of soap and water. And a big bonus is that the colors on your pallet will remain workable overnight! Simply cover your pallet, and resume painting later.

Just about any edible surface, whether fat based or sugar based. Fondant, modeling chocolate, wafer paper, pie crust , royal icing, …just about anything! Because they are oil based, they do not melt sugar or food based surfaces.

While your EAOPs are perfect for painting an incredible variety of surfaces, they can also be used to color buttercream, batter, dough, melted chocolate (no seizing!), for tinting modeling chocolate, fondant and so much more. Your EAOPs can be used for just about all your edible coloring needs!

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