The Artist' Oil Paints are a dream.They Can be applied to just about any edible medium with zero degrade and mistakes are easy to blend out.The Workability is superb, whether using with dilutions or straight color is even, no streaks, clotting , or smearing and sets up dry to the touch, I haven't been able to put together an edible portrait so quickly; I usually have to wait for layers to dry. This edible color line is a game changer !! .

- Mitchie Curran

These are the paints I have been looking for my entire career! They are creamy, vibrant, and , drumroll please... they work incredibly on chocolate!!! I'm so inspired.

- Johanna Rae @battycakesstudio

Very easy to use and applies super-smooth.The use of slow and fast dilients to mix in, ensure added control of whatever style you are looking to create. It was just like using oil paints and dries beautifully smooth and can touch it, with no smudging at all. It was a eureka moment from the first moment my brush touched the paints!!!

- Calli Hopper

I was able to try these Portaleo Paints out for a recent modelling chocolate piece and they're fantastic! The colours themselves are perfect, mix well and there's so many ways to use them either diluted or thick. They give you complete control working with their consistency and colour. A Total-control-edible-oil-paint with no limotations. Highly recommend them.

- Corinna Maguire

I've just finished painting my latest cake project having used Karen Portaleo's fantastic new colours!! They are truly beautiful to use!! The consistency is perfect and with the slow dilutor it's like using oil paints!! It almost seems impossible that these are edible!! A must have in every cake artist's wonder tools!!

- Dorothy Klerck

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